The Property Academy aims to equip you
with the skills you need to expand your asset portfolio.

We teach Localized content

All content has been generated with a keen focus on spotting the trends and opportunities that the current economic conditions present.

Get clear on your goals

Build up your knowledge and take a deep dive into various strategies and the vital focal points applicable to each option.

Apply as you go

Courses are divided into short, structured modules. This integrated approach between application and knowledge enables immediate action.

Cement your knowledge.

Each module ends with a quiz to review what you’ve learnt and solidify your understanding. Reinforcing you to take responsibility.

To Play A Big Part In Transforming South Africa And Helping South Africans Build Their Own Wealth Despite Their Backround Or Current Situation
To Deliver Relevant And Current Property Education To Help You Succeed In Property Investment. We Provide You With The Best Independent Property Education, Coaching And Networking Opportunities




Practical Workshop:
Get Started with Property Investment


  • How to protect yourself with the right clauses in an OTP
  • Make money through Auctions
  • Making sure you build the right Power Team around you
  • How to find off market deals
  • Running the numbers to make sure you are making the right buying decision.
  • Come learn how to structure ‘creative flips’

and so much more!

Your legacy is being written by yourself.
Make the right decisions.

Why choose US

Investment Training
you can count on


Our education is practical and delivered by highly experienced property investors


Our content is local and applicable to local investors and investments​


We integrate education and networking as an holistic approach to property success​


What Our clients say?

"I used to run my business  which kept me very busy all the time,  but with Andrew Walker as my property coach, I was able to close it and pursue property investment full-time.  I've done multiple property deals and one even being a development. On my way to financial freedom. Thank you!!!"
Mike van Jaarsveld
Professional Property Investor
"The fact that we were respected as individuals and were allowed to go at our own pace. We were given the time to grow and implement things as we gained experience. We appreciated that the focus was not entirely on property but was approached in a more holistic manner, encompassing other areas where we needed to grow to benefit our financial education. The wealth of real life examples was extremely valuable as it makes this seem achievable."
Cameron & Bevin Thomas
Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Author
Andrew was very knowledgeable and we were able to learn a lot from him. Everything we learned we were able to go back home and implement it and see the results from taking action. So much so, that we bought our first property within the first 3 sessions of our coaching."
Paul & Merle Faku
Property Enthusiasts

You don’t have to
see the whole staircase
just take the first step

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