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Alternative Investment Strategies
Airbnb investment course
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Learn how to totally automate, expand and dominate like a pro!

Use this strategy to increase profitable bookings and expand your portfolio using rent to rent models and fully automated systems that you can implement right away.

This advanced course will get you to start and set up your new Airbnb listing to be fully optimized, efficient and profitable.You will master the rent to rent model, as well as you buying your own Airbnb property for wealth creation

Robin Booth spent the last 5 years making mistakes, trying out new strategies, and unlocking the Airbnb secrets, just so that you can benefit, and profit from them right now!

Course Content

  • What to expect in this course CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Where to find the templates, calculators and other resources 
  • Uncover the reason you want to do this course – YOUR WHY – and make it tangible. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Showing you weekly updates of the start up strategy in action. From R0 to crushing it! CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Make sure you have reviewed the first course content for setting up your Airbnb for maximum profit. 
  • Have you got the million dollar title?
  • How I change the title and description during the Corona Pandemic to get bookings. CLICK TO PREVIEW
  • Are all your amenities set up to WOW your guests
  • The furniture list and how to make it easier for yourself
  • All the little things like max and min nights stay, check in days, etc
  • The different ways to price your Airbnb to get the most income and profit
  • Value of being a SUPERHOST – higher occupancy, more revenue, greater traffic to your listings
  • The security deposit you should put in place and how to price it right
  • In all my real estate investing, this one strategy has saved me millions…. and you should do this too
  • Best time to buy or rent – close to high season
  • If you can’t get photos before you take occupation, then use this trick
  • How to get the landlord to agree to you taking a video when you go check out their place for the first time
  • The secret to great entrepreneurship is finding a demand and supplying it. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Increasing Cash flow through scaling with the least amount of risk CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Rent-to-Rent, great cash flow, great profits, and easy to set up. 
  • What to look for in the rent to rent model to make it easier for you. 
  • Finding the right property to rent and use on Airbnb
  • Using the Airbnb calculator to see how much profit you will get from a potential unit. 
  • Convincing the Landlord or the Agent to lease to you: The landlord script 
  • Using the right lease for your unit, with the right clauses 
  • Cross pollinating your units – scaling is best done with replication and interchangeability. 
  • Ingoing and outgoing inspections – make sure you take charge of this, or pay the price later on.
  • The trick to buy to use as an Airbnb is to have Plan B and Plan C all ready 
  • Why not buy an amazing house to live that before you could not afford? 
  • Buying your first apartment, and Hajra tells her story of applying the strategy you are learning here CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Santosh tells how he bought an apartment to use on Airbnb CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Buy to use the property for BOTH Airbnb and Long term leases – Martin’s great story 
  • Martin shares his experience and tips after his first Airbnb conversion CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Buying and House Hacking for Aribnb, Long term lease, and Office space – Martin expands his portfolio CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Martin has done his second conversion, and loves the profitable outcome!
  •  Why is the cleaning a deal breaker, and how to find the right company CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • Getting the cleaning company to step up by using this cleaning contract 
  • How to price your cleaning charge on Airbnb 
  • The cleaning manual allows your team to get the unit ready to how you want it to be, every time
  • So you already have a unit…. well you can still implement this… 
  • The timeline for starting your Airbnb
  • How to build reviews quickly to create momentum – Proof of mine and showing you step by step how I got them 
  • Determining your pricing for start up and how to avoid the GREED – look at all the video update process
  • Tweaking the calendar when you have open spaces
  • Automating the messaging is the ultimate tool in creating success on Airbnb
  • The timeline for the messages is important… so here is the overview
  • The different options, platforms, and apps
  • Get your guest to whatsapp you with this handy trick: How to shorten your whatsapp URL with ‘tiny’
  • As soon as someone books, the guest and the cleaners must receive a message right away.
  • The 3 day before check-in message – Take into account people may be traveling before they get to you
  • The day before check-in sms message
  • The checkout messages to guest and reminders to the cleaners
  • Understanding and using the template ‘tags’ is the smart way to automate
  • How to get feedback from the cleaners for leaving reviews
  • Leaving automated Reviews -whether custom or from a wide variety
  • Using the ADVANCED messaging function on templates for customization. 
  • I woke up to a my cleaners telling me there was damage… so I show you what I said, and how I claimed this back
  • She damaged the place, and then said she couldn’t afford to pay for the damages. What now?
  • A Cape Town Airbnb unit showing great use of space and detail CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW
  • This Johannesburg granny flat was cleverly laid out CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  • A master bedroom in a Johannesburg house became a great separate entrance self catering unit
  • We need your questions to build out the FAQ section. So ask me your question


Lifetime access for only

R 11 997

Alternative Investment Strategies
The Property Academy

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The Property Academy And Robin Booth Brings You A Mind Blowing Presentation Where You Get To See How You Can Use Airbnb To Increase Your Income, Expand Your Portfolio And Create Wealth For Yourself.

  • Get income from a private room in your house
  • Granny flats are the best private units to Airbnb
  • Rent an apartment and put it on Airbnb for amazing cash flow – no money down
  • Buy an apartment and use Airbnb to pay off all the expenses (including the bond)
  • Farm buildings are amazing holiday getaways on Airbnb
  • Split an investment property into both long term and multi room units

Lifetime access for only

R 11 997

Alternative Investment Strategies
The Property Academy

The Property Academy and Robin Booth bring you this ultimate advanced guide to using Airbnb to increase income, expand your portfolio and create wealth for yourself.

  • Whether you are a property mogul, or have never invested in property, this course is for you.
  • Whether you have a lot of money, or whether you are cash strapped, this course is for you.
  • Whether you already have Airbnb listings, or you want to start your first one, then this course is for you.

There is no better method than this course for you to make property work for you, instead of you working for your property. There is no better business strategy in which you can go from setting up a business on day one, and in a few days make it income producing and profitable right from the get go.

Robin Booth spent the last 5 years making mistakes, trying out new strategies, and unlocking the Airbnb secrets, just so that you can benefit, and profit from them right now!

That’s right… now… not in 1 year… not when you retire… but right now.

These strategies have been used and profitably copied by coaching students for the last 2 years to buy properties, rent apartments and dominate their competition.

  • But this is your time now.
  • This is your opportunity.
  • Now it’s your turn to access the potential that lies within you, and bring it out to create that life that you love to live.