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Airbnb investment course
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Foundations to Generate Increased Profits from an Airbnb Strategy

How to set up and list a complete Airbnb unit from start to finish for maximum bookings and income.

The Property Academy and Robin Booth bring you this guide to start using Airbnb to increase income, expand your portfolio and create wealth for yourself.

  • Whether you are a property mogul, or have never invested in property, this course is for you.
  • Whether you have a lot of money, or whether you are cash strapped, this course is for you.
  • Whether you already have Airbnb listings, or you want to start your first one, then this course is for you.

Whether you are a first timer, or a seasoned host, this course will make sure you have set up the fundamentals to get booked first, at the highest rate, and at the maximum occupancy rate.

Course Content

  • What we will cover in this course…
  • Updates and where to find things…
  • Has covid-19 destroyed Airbnb?
  • What you need to know about how Airbnb works
  • The mindset you need to succeed at this
  • The statistics that prove you can make money
  • This is how you find out how much income you could get for your property
  • Set up the listing – Photos, titles and the description – get it right
  • The thing you need to know about the reviews… they make money
  • The tips and tricks your competition doesn’t know that makes you stand
  • Let’s take a look at live listings to prove what I am saying
  • The physical space layout – use it to make money
  • The furniture and equipment you will need
  • Use decor that pops and is easy to clean.. not like this lady in this video
  • Extras and add-ons to consider putting into your unit
  • Avoid these costly (and stupid) mistakes
  • Going into a great example of an Airbnb unit in Cape Town listings to prove what I am saying
  • Make the check-in and check-out easy
  • Manage the linen and the cleaning manuals
  • Should you use a cleaning company, or a domestic, or do it yourself?
  • You got damage! No worries, just follow these steps to get it all sorted.. not like the lady in this video
  • What you need to know about the Airbnb website tabs for starting your listing
  • Let the Tax man help you with your expenses – SARS
  • How to set the price for your nightly rate and the clean
  • What you must know about your reviews and how to make money with them
  • Is it worth being a Superhost? This is how you do it
  • The things not many people talk to you about
  • Tanya uses Airbnb to live for free. This is her journey

Lifetime access for only

R 2 497

Alternative Investment Strategies
The Property Academy