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You don't have to see the whole staircase in
order to take the first step.

Dave McGlashan

Knowledge without action is wasted, action without
knowledge can be deadly!

Andrew Walker

Free: Accelerator Course

Learn the foundations of Property Investment

5 instructional videos that will give you an insight into what it takes to become a professional property investor.


Setting Goals & Strategies, Finding Deals, Negotiating, Creative Financing and Networking
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FREE: Airbnb course

7 Ways to airbnb your property

Learn how you can use the Airbnb strategy to earn extra income and increase property profits.

The Property Academy And Robin Booth Brings You A Mind Blowing Presentation

See How You Can Use Airbnb To Increase Your Income & And Create Wealth For Yourself.
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Mid-level: SA Property FUndamentals

Learn the A-Z of Property Investment

Discover how simple and easy it is to achieve your property investing goals, even with your busy schedule with our virtual online course.


12 modules - 5:45 hours of content
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Whatever your goals are, investing in property could provide you with the Best Possible solution. 

But isn’t property risky? 

Yes, unfortunately, many people lose money investing in property, mainly because of a lack of knowledge and training. Like Andrew says ‘knowledge without action is a waste of time, but action without knowledge can be deadly’. Understanding the risks involved and how to avoid them is crucial for success in this business. The start of your property investing journey is going to be dictated by three main factors — access to capital, time available and your current knowledge level. 

To help bridge this knowledge gap, Andrew and his team at the Property Academy have put together a one-day property investment workshop.

With years of first-hand experience in many different investment strategies, this workshop will help you understand the pitfalls and risks involved in each of these strategies as well as maximizing the potential profits in each.  

So come along to see how we can help you move forward.

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We have a free mini-course that lets you get a feel for the 12-module course, and runs over 5 instructional videos.

Learn about Setting Goals & Strategies, Finding Deals, Negotiating, Sourcing Creative Financing and Networking.

What are your financial goals? 

Could it be you want to get out of debt? Could it be you want to supplement your current income? Or perhaps you want to build a rental portfolio as your retirement plan? 

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