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"They say any SUCCESSFUL business has a solid foundation? Why would it be any different with your property portfolio? "
The Property Academy
The blueprint is not only about portfolio analysis but I view it as being a business rescue plan. I absolutely loved how thorough the actual process was and the team was able to offer valuable insights ranging from maximizing financing from banks to looking how your portfolio might perform in 10 years time. Furthermore the structuring consultation with Intergen was brilliant because Bruno and Shannon firstly provide training then moved on to recommend the best structure, based on my situation. I see the Blueprint as being as essential as the Fundamental Course and I would definitely recommend it.
Lukhanyo Vapi
Property Investment Professionals

review, restructure, re-ignite:

  • Have you set clear goals for your Property investment business?
  • Is your portfolio working towards, or against your goals?
  • Are there optimization opportunities to maximize profits and reduce losses?
  • Should you protect yourself against risks, minimize tax and enable a legacy for your family?
  • Can you achieve your goals much faster by unlocking additional strategic Financing & equity?
  • How can the combination of a personalized Blueprint, Education, Coaching and a Network help you build a profitable & sustainable portfolio?

Why you need a Blueprint:

  • Property Investment is my business and should be treated as such!
  • Property can be my make or break – in the long run
  • I should give my legacy the respect it deserves!
  • I want to plan for success


A blueprint is an operational planning technique that dictates how a goal/objective will be achieved with a dedicated route from A to Z.


This will entail dedication from you. A blueprint will also identify any flaws in your portfolio as well as pointing out any opportunities.

70% of Portfolio’s reviewed so far MISSED their goals, BUT they had opportunities to improve...


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*R18 497 is up to 10 properties
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“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”

Carl Rogers

Why YOU need a Blueprint?