Designed for beginners who want to step into the property space
guided every step of the way


You will have a expert coach who will assist you to set goals which will be customized based on the time you have available, your level of experience and available capital. This course is convenient as you only need to spare 1 hour of your time per week to complete the online sessions with your coach, leaving enough time for you to do research and implement.


After selecting your private e-coach from the various expert coaches available, you can connect with your coach during #lockdown from the comfort of your own home.


Motivation is what gets you started, while habit is what keeps you going. Your coach will walk you through a proven step-by-step process, however it will take hard work and commitment to achieve goals. Your coach will set practical short-term goals to support your long-term goals and provide ongoing learning content and resources.

You will never be ready for what you have to do, taking a step towards it, is what makes you ready!


  • You select a coach from our list of expert coaches.
  • All our coaches are actively investing and trading in the property industry, many have a speciality so you can select a coach who aligns with your goals. 
  • Before you start coaching you can sit with your coach and decide how you want to be coached, if you want a process you can meet with your coach periodically or if you want to be thrown in the deep end arrange an intense 1-day coaching program we give you the option.


  • Total of 5 hours with your coach
  • Time with your coach is customizable to your needs completely while a structure is suggested to ensure action and progression towards your goals
  • Coaches will keep you accountable and teach you the advanced tactics of the leaders in the industry
  • You will be introduced to relevant power team members and assist you to build up your customized power team including accountants, trust attorneys and more.

Our coaches have worked with people from all different walks of life so no matter what your background, you can learn how to do property successfully by learning from those who got it right.


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