Are your Ready to dramatically expand and upscale Your Portfolio?


Success cannot be defined in one sentence, but instead it is comprised of many things,unique to each. Depending on the outcomes that you want to achieve, the goals you set with your coach will be customized based on the time you have available, your level of experience and available capital.


In a digital world that we live in there’s no learning limits or boundaries when it comes to continuous learning. If you are an investor who wants to dramatically expand, this lockdown presents a good opportunity for you to upscale and grow your property portfolio from your home.


Learn about the necessary tools, resources and power team you need to upscale. Set practical short-term goals that support the legacy you want to create. Although your coach will be the driving force to help you pursue goals, this journey will demand hard work and dedication from you as the student.

Take action today and elevate your property portfolio to another level.


  • You select a coach from our list of expert coaches.
  • All our coaches are actively investing and trading in the property industry, many have a speciality so you can select a coach who aligns with your goals. 
  • Before you start coaching you can sit with your coach and decide how you want to be coached, if you want a process you can meet with your coach periodically or if you want to be thrown in the deep end arrange an intense 1-day coaching program we give you the option.


  • Total of 5 hours with your coach
  • Time with your coach is customizable to your needs completely and can be split between meetings and practical Q & A sessions of any lenght
  • Coaches will keep you accountable and teach you the advanced tactics of the leaders in the industry
  • You will be introduced to relevant power team members and assist you to build up your customized power team including accountants, trust attorneys and more.



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What Our clients say?

Dear Andrew, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my property coach and for being my friend. We’ve known each other for 10 months now and we I’ve gone through the entire coaching sessions. Since meeting you mid-2019 I decided immediately that you were the one for me and I spent the money. You have been my property couch since then, the journey has been phenomenal,  I’ve managed to make back all of the money that I spent on the legacy training which was quite substantial on my first property deal, which was done in such a creative way I have never ever thought I will be able to do. Handling a deal like that and for it to fall through in one way and still find another way to make money out of it was simply fantastic. 

Besides the fact that we are on a property journey together, I’m honoured to call you my friend. I think that you are an amazing human being and the work that you do for others makes a difference. Thank you, I’m busy in the process during this lockdown securing my next property which is a buy to rent and again I don’t know whether it would have happened without you. 

So, you on my team makes my life better, not just financial or in the property world but as a human being. I appreciate your friendship, I appreciate your expertise, being able to call on you and thank you again. I wish you the best! Take care.

JUSTIN PELSER: Business Owner
"I used to run my business  which kept me very busy all the time,  but with Andrew Walker as my property coach, I was able to close it and pursue property investment full-time.  I've done multiple property deals and one even being a development. On my way to financial freedom. Thank you!!!"
Mike van Jaarsveld
Professional Property Investor
"The fact that we were respected as individuals and were allowed to go at our own pace. We were given the time to grow and implement things as we gained experience. We appreciated that the focus was not entirely on property but was approached in a more holistic manner, encompassing other areas where we needed to grow to benefit our financial education. The wealth of real life examples was extremely valuable as it makes this seem achievable."
Cameron & Bevin Thomas
Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Author
Andrew was very knowledgeable and we were able to learn a lot from him. Everything we learned we were able to go back home and implement it and see the results from taking action. So much so, that we bought our first property within the first 3 sessions of our coaching."
Paul & Merle Faku
Property Enthusiasts
The Property Academy