FUNDAMENTALS of an Offer To Purchase (OTP)

fundamentals of an Offer To Purchase (OTP)






Skill Level

5.5 hours


Demystify the Legal Jargon

Don’t be caught unaware!
The legal nitty gritties can be a make or break in this industry.
You don’t have to be a legal expert but it will benefit you from learning from one -before you get into a tough spot.
Leverage off the years of experience of a property specialist attorney who explains the legal elements you absolutely have to know.

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R 3997

Money Saving Tips and Tricks to Sign with Confidence

Understand the fundamentals and know your rights

Recognise what to look out for and realize how to protect yourself

benefit from the experience of 7 industry experts

know which little one liners can be the gamechanger for you

Money Saving Tips and Tricks to Sign with Confidence

1.Understand The Fundamentals And Know Your Rights

2.Recognise What To Look Out For And Realize How To Protect Yourself

3.Benefit From The Experience Of 7 Industry Experts

4.Know Which Little One Liners Can Be The GameChanger For You


  • Understand what an OTP is and what flexibility you have.
  • Recognise the different aspects of an OTP and how to use it.
  • Identify some of the important dos and don’ts when it comes to OTP’s.
  • Distinguish between the conditional and unconditional agreements.
  • Understand the differences between the Special terms and conditions and Suspensive conditions and how to use them in your favour.
  • Identify the aspects to look out for when using another OTP.
  • Recognize the need for variation in OTPs with different strategies.
  • Pinpoint the terms and conditions to look out for when dealing with specific strategies.
  • Consider the differences in approach to an OTP for different investors/individuals.
  • Discover and learn from the past mistakes/lessons of others.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to up their game in the property investing space
  • Investors who want to secure deals where they minimize the chances of getting burnt
  • Property investors who invest within different strategies and need a specific game plan for each
  • New investors who are hesitant to finalize the purchase because the legal side is intimidating
  • For investors who have lost money or time in the past by overlooking a single item in an OTP
  • Time-conscious investors who needs to learn from Legal experience
  • Meticulous investors who prefers getting it right the first time
  • Capital conscious property investors who would want to spend money on something they overlooked

Lifetime access for only

R 3997

Course Content

Outline, objective and expectations

Understanding the fundamentals of an Offer To Purchase (OTP)

Offer To Purchases in the context of Private Auctions, Sheriff Auctions & Repossessed properties

Offer To Purchases in the context of Distressed Properties

Practical walkthrough and review of a standard OTP used by a reputable estate agency in the industry

The 16 things Investors should look out for in Offer to Purchases

The top 5 things Investors frequently ask Attorneys

Crucial guidelines from a finance specialist & investor

An Auction expert’s advice to take note of

Top 3 things to look out for and lessons learned from experience

Important suspensive conditions & understanding deceased estate OTP’s

Master the Paperwork

Lifetime access for only

R 3997

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