Designed For Beginners Who Want To Step Into The Property Space
Guided Every Step Of The Way


  • You select a coach from our list of expert coaches.
  • All our coaches are actively investing and trading in the property industry, many have a speciality so you can select a coach who aligns with your goals.
  • Before you start coaching you can sit with your coach and decide how you want to be coached, if you want a process you can meet with your coach periodically or if you want to be thrown in the deep end arrange an intense 1-day coaching program we give you the option.


  • Total of 5 hours with your coach
  • Time with your coach is customizable to your needs completely and can be split between meetings and practical Q & A sessions of any length
  • Coaches will keep you accountable and teach you the advanced tactics of the leaders in the industry
  • You will be introduced to relevant power team members and assist you to build up your customized power team including accountants, trust attorneys and more.