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To Play A Big Part In Transforming South Africa And Helping South Africans Build Their Own Wealth Despite Their Backround Or Current Situation
To Deliver Relevant And Current Property Education To Help You Succeed In Property Investment. We Provide You With The Best Independent Property Education, Coaching And Networking Opportunities
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Meet Andrew Walker

Property Investor, Professional Coach and Entrepreneur

Andrew Walker

Andrew is a HUGE believer in creating multiple streams of income. He bought his first property at the age of 21, after realizing the wealth creation opportunities that property investment offers, he soon bought his second property and embarked on his journey as a property entrepreneur. Training under the mentorship of UK property investment guru Matthew Sneddon, he learned how to apply various financial strategies, which even now allows him to buy properties without using his own capital. Over time, Andrew has identified various ways to structure deals and raise capital.

Andrew has personally been involved in multiple property transactions, both in South Africa and the UK where he assisted other Investors in building their property portfolio. Passion is Andrew ‘s middle name, he naturally has the desire to pass on knowledge to others. This has been repeatedly demonstrated as he continues to teach others that anyone can make something from nothing, as long as you are hungry and take action every day.

Meet Riaan Naude

Deal Negotiation, Rental Management, Business Strategy, Sectional Title Management, Property Coaching, Investment Structuring

Riaan Naude

Riaan is the proud dad of a 7 year-old girl and husband to his wife and business partner Angelique. Together they run a substantial portfolio of buy-to-let properties in and around Johannesburg. He is also an established businessman, director of 4 companies and the executive trustee at the helm of Altitude Investments. In these businesses, Riaan deals specifically with growing the trust and company assets and expanding passive income through property acquisitions, fund growth, creation of annuity licensing streams and researching new opportunities. With over 18 years of personally investing into property he has built his knowledge base in terms of rental management, utilities management, maintenance, sectional title management, legal, corporate structure and tax efficiency. He is passionate about helping fellow investors structure, plan and grow their property portfolios and helping entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses. He firmly believes that property stands at the core of wealth creation due to its capacity to leverage available capital.

Meet Dave McGlashan

Property Investor, Coach and Entrepreneur

Dave McGlashan

Dave started investing in the UK where his company focused on the acquisition of multi-tenant properties. He expanded operations to Cape Town where the business further focused on short-term capital generating strategies. Dave is an integrator, taking a business visions and making it a reality. He has a passion for real estate and technology and the challenges these industries hold. The space of back-to-back deals has proved to be his preferred strategy, owing to the low capital exposure and shorter timelines. Focussed on annuity generating assets, he uses his Skills from a Technology background and as an Entrepreneur to build businesses! Designing and developing business processes and automation solutions for various clients.


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